Pathology tests help in monitoring the progress of diseases which help in determining the effectiveness of treatments and thus assisting in the clinical management decisions. S.S Hospital's department of pathology is a dynamic department with a very talented and dedicated faculty. You will be provided with the highest quality and most cost-effective patient care. Our clinical pathology laboratories are equipped to high standards for providing clinical services of a comprehensive range. This department plays a really vital role in providing quality laboratory and holistic tests for supporting the needs of the clinicians and doctors in the diagnosis, prevention, and management of various kinds of diseases. In order to ensure optimum patient care our team of laboratory scientists and pathologists work in collaboration with our clinical colleagues.

       We offer a full and extensive range of diagnostic testing and also provide comprehensive explanations of the results to the respective healthcare professionals who are involved. We have a highly dedicated team, experienced and sincere technical staff who are fully committed to maintaining high standards of work along with accuracy in reports.