The human eye can distinguish around 10 million colors but there are many diseases, disorders, and age-related changes that may affect them. At S.S Hospital we aim to provide excellent, efficient, comprehensive eye care under one roof. We offer comprehensive eye examinations as well as consultation across areas of ophthalmology. We are well equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment that facilitate eye examinations, specialized diagnosis, and treatment. 

        We offer complete examination, diagnosis, and treatment of all ocular diseases in both adult and pediatric patients both medically and surgically. We have a dedicated and well-qualified team of healthcare professionals with excellent support from nursing and administrative staff. We treat eye disorders like cataract, glaucoma, strabismus and amblyopia, ocular trauma, refractive disorders, cornea and external diseases, lachrymal drainage disorders, uveal diseases, and retinal disorders, etc. We make sure to provide a comprehensive range of medical and surgical eye care for the protection, preservation, enhancement, and restoration of vision, for all age groups.