At S.S Hospital you will get the complete care center for those patients suffering from problems associated with kidneys, bladder, prostate gland and urinary system. S.S Hospital is also known for its expertise in nephrology. Multiple services for nephrology such as hemodialysis, renal failure, complicated diabetes, kidney biopsy, chronic kidney disease, renal transplant follow-up, dialysis, kidney biopsy, CKD regression clinic, nephrology ICU, etc are offered at the S.S Hospital.


Essential Highlights:

  • For treating problems related to kidney, prostate, and bladder advanced medical technology is used for conducting the surgery.
  • You will get modern healthcare services for problems related to urology and nephrology at the S.S. Hospital
  • You will get experienced and trained nephrologist in the world-class infrastructure for nephrology at the S.S. Hospital who conducts invasive surgery for a kidney transplant, renal failure, etc.


Diseases and Conditions

In the cases where the kidney stops functioning normally is the case of chronic kidney disease. When the kidney stops functioning waste starts to accumulate in the body. When 85 to 90 percent of the kidneys are not working then there is a need to conduct dialysis. At S.S. Hospital you will get the complete infrastructure set up for kidney dialysis. The patients whose kidneys have stopped working complete care will be given to them at the S.S Hospital. You will also get a nutritional diet by the team of our nephrologists.