Internal Medicine

What can be better than one hospital solving all your medical concerns? In order to diagnose your condition better and produce better health outcomes, a physician is really essential.

     At S.S Hospital you can get a combination of multidisciplinary teams, advanced diagnostic systems, clinical quality along with innovation which will offer you the best internal medicine program in India. The health of the patients through the internal medicine program is improved by S.S Hospitals focused work ethics, emergency backups, expert caregivers and physicians. The overall well-being of the patients who come for treatments is ensured at S.S Hospital.

    The best quality care to all the patients is provided by S.S Hospital’s ethical medical practice which reflects the global practices. Researches have shown that a family doctor lowers the mortality rate, lowers the cost involved in health care and promotes holistic well-being. So, you should consider visiting S.S hospital if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy family physician.

Essential Highlights:

ER Follow up clinic: If you have been treated in the ER and require a short follow up plan then this program is designed for you as it ensures that nothing must go unnoticed and also to keep a track on the improvement of the health condition.

Family medicine: S.S hospital has expert physicians in handling health conditions which come from family history. To provide better health outcomes focus is made on building relationships with the patients.

Geriatric Medicine: This stream of line is employed only to focus on the quality of life of the geriatric patients as elder patients seek extra support.

Infectious disease: Diseases caused due to bacteria or virus and can spread easily like TB, typhoid, dengue, malaria. Different packages depending on the severity of the condition are offered for immunization for adults.

Internal Medicine: S.S Hospital has trained medical professionals who for diagnosing even the toughest clinical problems for patients suffering from multiple health conditions. In this program, the focus is made on adult medicine for solving such clinical conditions.

Preventive Health check: This program is following the WHO guidelines for solving for complete head to toe evaluation. 

Chronic Care: Special intervention is required in the case of chronic interventions for longer periods. You can get effective treatment for chronic conditions with the S.S Hospitals 

Diseases and Conditions

Both the heart and kidneys are getting affected because of hypertension and it has become a common problem these days.

Fever which is usually caused by seasonal changes which don't subside within 3 days must be addressed as soon as possible any sort of negligence could get really harmful for health.

The right treatment plan and care can treat you affectively at S.S Hospital.