Gynae & Obs

The health of women is highly neglected in our country and thus it is a major concern. The world-class facility and multidisciplinary team of the S.S. Hospital who are focused on promoting the wellness of a woman’s health and providing comprehensive treatment. 

    S.S Hospital makes sure to provide treatment to women in different stages in their lives. In order to ensure that women regain their health quickly and also that nothing gets unnoticed by chance, it is ensured to provide personal care and attention to each woman. S.S hospital is known for innovation, quality care and excellence in the field of gynecology as it provides ethical medical practice for the different range of treatments. Women will get the best quality care for reproductive medicine, genetic medicine, high-risk obstetrics, and neonatology as S.S Hospital has an acute care facility, safe and comfortable environment. You will get expert surgeons who can conduct gynecological procedures. At S.S Hospital you will get the complete procedure of treatment, surgery, medicine, gynecology procedure or surgery if it is required for any condition complex, rare or simply to ensure that you get as healthy as you can.


Essential Medical Procedures:


The medical procedures offered at S.S hospital are as follows:

Fertility and IVF: You will get the best treatment to have a baby at S.S hospital. You will get the best care if it's your first time or you have failed elsewhere. You will definitely see positive results if you get an IVF treatment from S.S. Hospital

Gynecology: S.S. Hospital is very well recognized for cracking the difficult gynecology cases and it also conducts laparoscopic surgeries.

Centre for foetal and genetic medicine: Congenital malformations, high-risk pregnancy, and foetal complications are rightly diagnosed and treated.

Birthing Centre: Natural delivers are encouraged at S.S hospital as women can recover faster compared to a C-Section. S.S hospitals aim is to focus on patient-centric care.

Laparoscopic gynecology: Complex laparoscopic surgeries and difficult cases will also get handled.

Specialty clinics and diagnostics: S.S hospital multidisciplinary team can detect and rightly identify your problem. All this will make alignment of treatment easily which will provide better outcomes and better patient experience altogether.

Neonatology Centre: At S.S. Hospital you will get the complete center for neonatal care as neonatal cases need careful treatment. There have been positive outcomes for treating premature babies and other complex cases.

Wellness Program: Underlying diseases which are caused by stress and fast life need to be treated as they are affecting our health quite adversely. At S.S. Hospital you will get diagnoses of silent diseases and at the same time will get effective treatment.


Diseases and Conditions 

A common lifestyle disorder which is seen in women these days is PCOD which leads to disturbance in the menstrual cycle and weight gain. The symptoms of PCOD can only be controlled with expert gynecology as there is no cure for it. 

  The major problem is high-risk pregnancy which should also be consulted with an expert gynecologist. It is important to take the necessary treatment if you are facing any complications in your pregnancy as it can be risky both to the mothers and the foetus.