Patients, who suffer from trauma due to high-risk injuries such as serious car injuries, think gunshot wounds and burns are tackled in the dedicated center of the S.S. Hospital. There are emergency rooms to attend to patients who suffer from trauma. The team of expert health professionals takes care of the trauma centers. Sprained ankle to a heart attack can be handled with two different centers for emergency and trauma. They have staff ready to treat patients who are on emergency 24*7. 


Essential Highlights

  • The world-class facilities and services at the highly specialized trauma center provide complete care and support to handle high level traumatized patients.
  • S.S Hospital has sophisticated medical infrastructure and equipment that can treat brain injuries, blunt trauma and car crash injuries.
  • Complex trauma, reconstructive surgery, pelvic acetabular trauma, limb lengthening center, intensive trauma care unit, and rehab center are some of the important features of our trauma and emergency centers.


Diseases & Conditions

S.S. Hospital has experts who can manage the trauma for both the detected and undetected surgeries through a systematic approach. With the help of first aid, life support for emergency services prehospital trauma care is provided to the patients. Their breathing, blood circulation, disability through neurological evaluation, exposure to environmental control is assessed through primary surveys by the experts. Patients require high-quality care in the case of emergency surgeries which are usually not planned and sudden. To save the life of the patients some circumstances require immediate attention and surgery. S.S. Hospital has advanced technology and world-class medical infrastructure for such situations and the doctors try their level best to save the patient’s life.