Those who administer medicines that prevent patients from feeling pain and sensations during surgery and other medical procedures are called anesthesiologists. Monitoring of the vital functions during surgery through the first recovery stages after an operation is also their responsibility. 

          S.S Hospital's department of anesthesia continuously makes efforts for delivering outstanding clinical care to the adult and also the pediatric patients which include acute and chronic pain management in the pre-operative period. We focus on patient safety by ensuring that all the patients are treated in a compassionate fashion by using the state of the art medicine. The most advanced, safe and patient-focused techniques in the delivery of anesthetic care are used by our department of anesthesiology. All aspects of surgical care, including preoperative evaluation, monitoring patients during surgery, and afterward in the recovery room are dealt with by our anesthesiology staff. All three categories of anesthesia which include general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, local anesthesia are the ones in which our specialists perform a wide range of procedures.