Myths about Varicose Veins

    If you see some unsightly ropy blood vessels in your legs that are not causing overt symptoms then you might be having varicose veins. In some rare cases, varicose veins can cause dangerous blood clots, skin damage or even worse.

    Myths about Varicose Veins - SS Hospital
    Myths About Varicose Veins – SS Hospital

    There is an uphill battle faced by your legs while carrying your blood from the legs to your heart. With the help of the pumping action of the leg muscles, the blood gets pushed along. But sometimes the blood gets pooled increasing the pressure in the veins of your legs. The body tries to widen the veins because of the increased pressure. This causes them to thicken and bulge which leads to the twisted appearance of them. If you are looking for varicose treatment in thane then there is no better place than S.S Hospital.

    There are several myths about varicose veins which are discussed below:

    • Myth 1: Inevitable signs of aging: Aging can worsen the case of varicose veins but not everybody has them. People who are suffering from it their case start worsening as they age. But young people can also be the victim of varicose veins. Varicose veins may also be genetic. If it’s running in your family then you can also have it. Hormonal changes might also be the reason like in the case of pregnancy.
    • Myth 2: This is a cosmetic issue: Many doctors say that varicose veins are a cosmetic issue but it’s much more than that. Patients with varicose veins eventually develop symptoms which include dull achiness, heaviness, throbbing, cramping, and swelling of the legs. Severe dryness and itchiness of the skin near varicose veins are some other symptoms that are seen. There is an increased risk for a dangerous type of blood clot known as deep vein thrombosis in patients with varicose veins.
    • Myth 3: It’s a women’s issue: Even though this problem is more common in women but men get them too. These can be seen in 10-15 percent of men compared to one-quarter of adult women.
    • Myth 4: Running can cause Varicose Veins: Running and exercising is actually a really good thing for your veins. Exercising and physical activities are always considered really well for better blood circulation. 
    • Myth 5:  They are always visible: You can notice varicose right on the surface of the skin but sometimes they can appear deeper inside the body as well. Some people have really fatty tissue between their muscles and skin so in such cases you cannot see it. 
    • Myth 6: Varicose veins might also be caused by standing jobs: Certain jobs require you to keep standing on your feet like the job of a teacher or a flight attendant. But it’s still not proven that prolonged standing can cause you to have varicose veins. 

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